The more I work through it, the more impressed I become with CIPD’s new profession map. It emphasises impact and value. It establishes HR as the function to add value to the organisation, and drive performance. The map not only serves as a framework for developing HR capability, but it adds clout to the HR voice at strategic leadership level. It is that extra support when making the business case.


The Profession Map establishes standards for each area of core and specialist knowledge. This week I have turned my attention to the standards it sets out for “Employee Experience.”


Two standards have especially struck my attention: one is around well-being, and how paying attention to this creates ‘strategic value for workers, the organisation and society’. This is an important principle as it recognises the organisation’s wider responsibility to all its stakeholders. It is also important for recognising the organisation’s responsibility in creating a culture in which good mental health thrives, with support for those who need it. This is timely, not only considering the number of people experiencing mental health and stress-related problems is increasing, but also as Prof Sir Cary Cooper has been quoted as saying: “we’re still seeing far too many people doing more work than they can cope with.’


The other standard that has struck me specifies “how to build a culture of trust and its impact on wider organisation culture, performance and reputation.” This is spot on for our times of constant headlines about sexual harassment, gender pay gap, and many other negative aspects of work. The fallout from these issues has affected all organisations, and so rebuilding trust is key for us all.


The other standards for “Employee Experience” provide useful reminders of the importance of employee engagement and employer branding.


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Janice Caplan

20 November 2018