Joint Venture Client Story

Developing the team and transforming the business


The client

This client is a joint venture company that owns and operates a physically directional gas pipeline between two countries.

Their services provide important and strategic gas security of supply options across the region.


Our approach

We were engaged to support the firm with its transformation programme. Forthcoming regulatory and market changes required a new business model, restructure, and new ways of working. All of these changes would demand different behavioural skill sets from people.

The technical and specialist skills amongst the staff were world-class but people now needed to refocus these skills to a more commercial and fast-paced way of operating.

Our first project was to design and run a development centre for the senior management team. The aim was to give people the opportunity to try out new behavioural capabilities in a safe environment, so they could receive insightful feedback and draw up development plans.

We were then engaged to provide follow-up coaching support to several members of the team.

We continued to work closely with the CEO and HR Manager to support their transformation programme. This included designing capability frameworks for other levels in the organisation and running an employee opinion survey to gauge views on the progress of the transformation.

As implementation of the new business model came nearer, we ran further senior leadership development centres, this time using Pinsight online simulations. Again, we followed this up with a full coaching support programme.



The firm achieved its targets well ahead of the transformation date. Morale and motivation amongst the workforce remained high throughout the programme. Importantly, many individuals benefited hugely from our support by gaining confidence as well as new skills.

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