Medical Research Client Story

Creating an inclusive talent management strategy


The Client

This small firm is an umbrella association with more than 140 member firms, operating in medical research.

Comprising highly-qualified, skilled, ambitious people, the firm punches way above its weight, and enjoys a reputation for excellence and high output.


Our approach

Talent management presents a particular challenge for a firm such as this that employs high calibre people for whom development is a priority, whilst being constrained in the opportunities it can offer.

Working closely with the CEO, we involved all staff in developing a talent management strategy and kick-started the process by holding career conversations. These gave people the opportunity to think through their longer-term aspirations and identify how their current work would move them towards these aspirations.

We also set in motion a flexible business planning process.

As a second phase of our work, we administered an employee survey that looked at a range of management issues, especially well-being.



We designed and implemented a talent management strategy that emphasised experiential learning, and career conversations. This helped people connect their own career aspirations with business needs and objectives.

The strategy gave clarity and consistency around management and development and has served as a blueprint for member firms.

Staff welcomed being able to give their opinions and knew they were listened to, and management had an agenda for change that they knew would be supported.

The next step is to introduce cross-sector mentoring to provide further development opportunity for people as well as encourage greater collaboration, pooling of resources and partnership working, ultimately to the benefit of the healthcare sector.


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