Housing Association Client Story

Bespoke 360-degree feedback programme for Wandle Housing Association


The Client

Wandle Housing Association has over the past 50 years demonstrated a strong track record in providing new homes and services and remain committed to their core purpose of supporting people, across south London, who need a home. With over 7,000 homes across nine south London boroughs. Wandle provides homes for rent (social and affordable), shared ownership, outright sale, and supported housing. and also has a small portfolio of commercial properties and garages.

‘Homes to be proud of and services you can trust’ is the ‘big picture’ statement that encapsulates what Wandle stands for and strives to achieve. Wandle people are passionate about this mission and their value proposition “to be low cost to our customers, deliver a dependable localised service and to provide safe and affordable homes”.


Our approach

Wandle engaged us to provide a 360-degree feedback programme to enable their leaders to identify the development that would help them achieve Wandle’s ambitious five-year plan aspirations.

We designed a bespoke system that aligned with Wandle’s five-year plan and was based on its values and Leadership Charter.

We used Track Surveys 360-degree platform.

Each reviewee received their 360 report in a personal coaching debrief with one of the Scala team, and also identified one or two development goals.

We ran additional coaching sessions with each manager to help them prepare for the debriefing and development planning conversation they would then have with their team member.



The exercise exceeded aims and expectations. The particular benefits were:

People clearly made considerable effort to give one another thoughtful feedback. In the communication briefings beforehand, we had introduced the notion that for every piece of constructive feedback about improvement that you give someone, you should give them five pieces of positive feedback. The 5:1 ratio. This builds trust and relationships but also means the feedback is perceived as balanced and thoughtful and is more likely to be taken on board.

This clearly worked as everyone received feedback they could learn from and that also gave them a considerable confidence boost and awareness of what they did that others valued and appreciated.

The exercise provided an excellent framework for people to use for meaningful conversations about performance. People reported how one-to-ones became more effective because they now had a framework and shared language. The exercise helped establish a feedback and learning culture at Wandle.

The positivity generated also led to people being keen to get together to discuss how to raise standards even higher. Raising the bar when it is already at a high standard is highly motivating.

Troy Henshall
Executive Director Business Services and Transformation:

“I was really impressed that Scala were able to build this process around our Target Operating Model and Leadership Charter. This made the process more meaningful and ensures our development needs are matched directly to the strategic goals of the organisation. With an organisation that is moving more towards outcomes, this is a platform and approach that we will build on in the months and years to come to deliver value”.

Gladys Mhone
Head of People:

“For me, the 360-degree feedback not only provided us with key information on the development of our leaders and managers, but it was a great vehicle to reinforce and bring to life our Leadership Charter. It has provided a fantastic opportunity for meaningful conversations, which I have personally found beneficial with my own team


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