HR Diagnostic Tool

Analyse your Talent Management practices in 20 minutes with our quick and easy questionnaire. Receive a report showing your current state of play along with recommendations on the next steps to take to achieve high impact talent management that values everyone and aligns to business goals..


HR Diagnostic Tool

Use our HR Diagnostic Tool to identify gaps in your talent management and succession strategy, and for indications on how to fill these gaps.


Rating Scale

Does this happen in your organisation? Rate each of these statements to show the extent to which this happens in your organisation:


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
We have a clear employer brand promise, which all employees can articulate
People regularly discuss how to take advantage of future business challenges and opportunities
People strive to identify improvements to how they work and what they do
There is dissatisfaction with changes that are being introduced
People's ideas are embraced, discussed and built on collaboratively
People's ideas fall off the bottom of the to-do list
Our business priorities are clear