The management role is changing along with organisational structures, attitudes, and ways of working. In the modern organization, a manager may have little direct contact with an individual as regards their day-to-day responsibilities. Wider spans of control may mean they do not have the expertise to fully control their employee’s output and too many direct reports means regular conversations about performance and development are impractical.

I first discussed this changing role in my book ‘Strategic Talent Development’ and since then have held workshops and discussions internationally on the ‘shared management’ concept that is a key element of my approach to talent management.

Lynda Gratton’s research and HBR article, ‘Managers Can’t Do It All’  puts forward the need for a new management model, which is strikingly like my ‘shared management’ approach.

Please click here to access a case study that is reproduced from my book that shows some key elements of this model.

Survey on the uses of coaching and mentoring. This will give us insight into the value of coaching for the new leadership model.

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