Last week, I discussed the hole that is left by abandoning the annual performance review. This week, let’s look at the parts of the review process that do indeed need to be dropped: in my view these are, forced-ranking, annual goals, review of competencies and manager-led processes. 

This invites competition and individualism whereas we need collaboration and teamwork. Our aim is to increasingly raise standards not have a bottom 10%. Equally you can’t run a business by focusing solely on the top 10%. Moreover, forced ranking is unpopular with managers. Why keep something unless it helps managers? 

Annual goals 
Impossible in today’s world. What’s wrong with just looking back at what you’ve achieved and basing the review on that? Retrospectively setting goals so to speak. Goals going forward are valuable. Just not annual ones. 

Tune in next week for my comments on competencies and manager-led processes. 



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Janice Caplan

6 March 2019

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