My visit to the University of Tartu in Estonia inspired me on so many different levels. As I wrote last week, the sheer determination of the people to excel is striking, and I was so impressed by the high standards they achieve.


For my part, it is always a great learning experience for me, when I present at conferences, and run open workshops, to know the key messages people take from my presentation. So, I was especially keen to know what they found impactful at the University of Tartu.


Apparently, these were the key messages that people took away:

1. ‘Talent is the opportunity someone gives you’

I use this quote as my definition of talent management. It sums up my approach brilliantly, and especially puts across the role of the organisation, and of managers to make sure people get the development that suits their aspirations, as well as business needs.

2. ‘Shared visions, shared values and shared understanding’ (of the goals and direction of the business).

This is how I describe the new leadership model to replace ‘command and control’. Visions and values set the boundaries for people within which they can take responsibility, make decisions, and they know what is expected of them. When people are clear about the strategic goals and direction of the business, this empowers them to spot opportunity and turn it into business.


3. Differentiating between good and outstanding performance

Too often people confuse the two but being clear about the standards of performance, and the difference between what is expected and what is exceptional, raises performance generally, and is especially motivational for high performers.  


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