In my previous blogs, I strongly advocated drawing up a talent management strategy that sets out the guiding principles for recruiting, developing, rewarding, promoting and paying people.


In my last blog, I set out what successful talent management looks like.Too often HR activities are not connected in this way. They give out conflicting messages, do not have a clear purpose, they are bolted on rather than integrated into HR and business strategy.


Take this actual, but also typical case of an organization that launched a 360-degree feedback programme. The way this was set out it was little more than throwing another idea into the organization. It didn’t show a clear link to the business context, or to organizational values, neither did it link to learning and development. Moreover, no thought had been given to what role managers would have or how the exercise would fit with how the organization wants people to be managed. It wasn’t part of a coherent strategy. Not surprisingly, it was perceived in the organization as HR ticking boxes again.


An ad hoc, uncoordinated approach to Talent Management leads to many problems in the organization:

Confusing employer brand promise
Promises made at recruitment are not always kept
Difficulty in establishing priorities
People’s energies and talents are misdirected
Poor teamwork and high conflict across different teams in the organization
Insufficient internal moves and promotions
People see reward and recognition as being about increased pay and promotion only

People confuse tasks, responsibilities and accountabilities

Higher than desirable staff turnover


This impacts on the business through a confusing brand promise to customers, lower levels of customer satisfaction and lower levels of employee engagement.


Avoid these problems with a talent management strategy that clarifies for people:


What is our employer brand promise?

What are our organisational values?

What are our success criteria?

What is expected of me?

How will I know I have been successful?

How will I be rewarded?

How will I be supported?


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3 November 2017   

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