is about how to achieve business success in today’s environment, which is so different from the one on which most management thinking and practice is based. Many of the ideas in the book are new, but some are also familiar but revised to better suit today’s context. 


As well as presenting new ideas, Caplan debunks some myths, such as the notions we should invest differentially in high potential, or pivotal staff, win hearts and minds, or push all responsibilities onto line managers. She believes these have had a pernicious effect.


Instead she puts across approaches and processes that show how to engage people with the visions, values and business strategies, encourage dialogue and debate, and spread people management responsibilities so that individuals get the attention they need, when they need it. There is much talk in our business world today about future-proofing the organisation. She takes this several steps further than the usual views about learning and suggests ways of empowering people to be future-oriented so that they spot and grasp opportunity before it becomes a bandwagon. Perhaps most importantly, she set out processes for long-term career planning and dynamic succession planning that, as well as engaging your people, help the business react faster to change and opportunity, and take better strategic decisions.


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