Last week, I discussed our research into speaking with charisma, and the three steps to take for this. Here I set out some exercises that will help you improve your ability to speak with charisma.


Show your excitement.


We naturally respond with interest when other people are passionate, energetic, or excited. Getting in the habit of showing your excitement on a daily basis will help you to be more charismatic and engaging. Use this exercise to practice: After greeting someone, start small talk with a story, quote, information, or statistic you feel passionate about by saying, “I found this very interesting story …” For example, you could say that you found out that 65% of iPhone users say that they cannot live without their device.


Ask people to imagine.


To create a vivid experience for other people, practice asking them to imagine a different future using this exercise: After discussing an issue, ask the person to imagine a different outcome by saying, “Imagine how different would things be if …” For example, you ask the person to imagine how different would things be if their problem suddenly went away. 


Use similes and metaphors.


Similes and metaphors make descriptions more vivid and engaging for your audience. You can practice thinking of similes to convey your ideas using this exercise: After stating your idea, quickly think about what it reminds you of by saying, “It is like …” For example, you might describe a new smartphone app for dental hygiene as being “like a Fitbit that helps you track how often you brush and floss your teeth.”  

By making these behaviors part of your daily routine, you will be on your way to speaking with charisma. And when you speak with charisma, you will inspire and excite your followers and find it easier to keep your team members focused and engaged.


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24 April 2018