Last week, I promised I would give my views on the merits or otherwise of reviewing performance against competencies and also look at manager-led appraisals. 

In short, does anyone actually still use such approaches? Surely not. Reviewing performance against competencies is meaningless and tedious. It’s also outdated as static competency models have little relevance in our fast-moving times. 

Manager-led reviews are equally as outdated with new ways of working almost completely destroying the old hierarchical model. Far and away the best approach is for the individual to be completely in the driving seat, preparing their own review by collecting in performance information from different sources and taking the initiative to arrange their own review meeting with their manager. 


This brings us full circle to my first blog on the topic about How to Make the Performance Review Conversation Meaningful. Check it out again for a couple of recommended approaches, but if you want further ideas, please ask us about our online modules. These bring you an innovative and radical new way of doing while you learn. You will find many more solutions to make annual reviews, and regular conversations manageable, as well as help to identify what to ditch and what to adopt.



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Janice Caplan

13 March 2019

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