I have just finished guest lecturing on performance management at Kingston Business School. As in previous years, the students were outstanding and we had some great discussions. I particularly want to share with you ideas from our discussion about how to get managers to hold regular check-in conversations.


Everyone liked the ‘Tough Love approach’ outlined in Patel, M. (2015) Tough Love Performance Reviews, in 10 Minutes. Harvard Business Review, 3rd August. With this approach, the individual lets their facilitator, or manager know whether they want some ‘love’ that is positive feedback about their strengths, or some ‘tough’ feedback about what they could do better.


Another popular approach is to specify (and train around) five types of conversations that must take place throughout the year; for example: 1. Goal-setting, 2. Review of goals, 3. Development, 4. Review of Achievement 5. Compensation. Timing and frequency are left to the individuals concerned, but generally fit in with processes, and individual needs. It is a neat solution as it gets away from the one, heavy annual review conversation, and makes the process more manageable.


Next week, I will say more on this topic, but meanwhile check out two leading articles that we feature this week: Julie Rieken offering insights on new ways of handling performance reviews. She suggests concentrating on 2 key questions, “What have we learned?” and “What can we do differently in the future?”


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Janice Caplan

20 February 2019

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