I have just returned from a fantastic experience presenting my talent management methodology and ideas at a conference at the University of Tartu in Estonia. 

I was so inspired by how a university in a country of just 1.3 million inhabitants transformed itself after 1991, when Estonia regained independence after the fall of the Soviet Union, to become the top university in Eastern Europe and ranked globally in the top 400. The secret seems to be sheer hard work, determination, stretching goals ( such as writing six world-class text books in a year) and pulling together in a way that would pull everyone up. 

As well as presenting, I participated in a panel. One of the panel members, there to give his perspective as a senior leader, was a medical professor who as well as four leadership roles also works in intensive care. When asked how he manages his time, he said that working in intensive care, where the only thing that matters is saving a life, you learn to prioritise. 

A delightful country with delightful people.