A big thank you for following us over the first six months of publication of this newsletter. There is a bewildering array of stuff out there, and our aim has been to choose the topics, and the thinkers that offer the most useful insights to help you manage change and transformation in your organizations.


Biggest hits

The topics that have received the biggest hits, and that we have had the most feedback on are talent management, and managing change. In fact, out of all my blogs on leadership, talent, performance and change, it is the last two, on managing change, that have attracted the most attention.

To read, or re-read these blogs, and indeed look back at all those that we have published this year, just click on this link.


Most confusion

The topic that has garnered the most confusion is, by a long way, performance management. I have spent a large amount of time reading about how performance appraisal should be abandoned. Conversely, I have spent a great deal of time in conversation with people in business who tell me how increasingly valuable it is! A disconnect between theory and practice? Surely not! For my part, I think conventional performance appraisal needs to change, but definitely not to be abandoned. I’m also skeptical about the regular ‘check-in’ conversations that are supposed to take the place of the annual review. There is such a thing as too much feedback. I will leave you with that cryptic comment, and hope we will take up the discussion in the New Year.


We are taking a break until the end of January, when we will be back with more curated content, starting with a glance at the articles that you liked best during 2017.


On behalf of Carolyn, our colleagues, and me, we wish you all a very happy festive season, and a successful 2018.


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