Several of our articles this week look at the challenges of digital transformation and the leadership skills these require. What comes over loud and clear is how crucial it is for leaders to support their people in constantly up-skilling to keep up with the adoption of new technology and solutions. Creating an environment that empowers lifelong learning is now a leadership imperative.

What a wonderfully positive and motivational opportunity this presents. Negativity in organisations is somewhat unavoidable in today’s workplace: difficult economic circumstances, restructures, change programs. These all generate fear and uncertainty. 
A clear and genuine focus on career development will not only help balance this situation but will actively generate positivity. It puts you, the individual, at the centre and gives you control over your future, whilst at the same time showing that the organisation is prepared to invest in you and support you.
Career development has changed considerably. The hierarchical ladder, and even the glass ceiling are concepts that belong to the past, completely dismantling a framework that assisted some and held back others.
Over the next few weeks, I will explore some ideas around career development, but for now, I leave you to reflect on how to create positivity around career development in your organisation, and the role your leadership can have in this.

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