Congratulations to the CIPD on the launch of their new Profession Map, which sets the international benchmark for the people profession.


The map captures the business context of today and tomorrow, and reflects the full breadth of the people profession. It is clear, and comprehensive, and takes a global approach.


I am especially pleased to note that, in contrast to its previous approach where talent management was limited to people of special worth,’ and ‘resourcing’, the CIPD’s new map now recognises talent management as an area of specialist knowledge.


It defines talent management as “maximising potential through talent identification, engagement and planning,’ and sets clear standards that show how talent management can drive organisation performance, and create long-term value for the organisation.


The approach to talent management that I set out in my book ‘Strategic Talent Development’[1], and, more extensively, in the New World Talent Online toolkits aligns perfectly with CIPD’s new standards, and can help you modernise your current practices against these standards.


The hallmarks of successful talent management, and successful enterprise are a focus on the future to develop the capabilities that will be required, effective relationships that build high performance, and outstanding opportunity for development1


To achieve this requires a talent strategy that focuses people on the future, engages them with the business strategy, provides outstanding development for everyone, differentiates between high and satisfactory performance, and captures data about people.


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