These words have been said to me so often about the last training course or, the last presentation etc. I was reminded of them when I set out some reflections in last week’s blog, when I discussed the merit of not falling into the trap of assessing talent on the basis of win or lose. I then had an extremely interesting discussion with HR colleagues around the value or otherwise of the annual performance review. What struck me was the negative experiences of those organisations that had decided to substitute the annual review with regular check-ins. Not unsurprisingly, what was missing was that opportunity to take a whole view of your performance and, similarly, for the organisation to fully take stock of both individual and collective performance. There were other disadvantages too, such as varying management ability to hold check-in conversations, which show how important process can be to make up for such failings. 

With the pandemic causing so much upheaval this is the moment to reimagine many people processes, starting with performance management. We have an opportunity now to make up for what didn’t work well in the past, whilst creating new ways to suit the changes of the last two years and that are yet to come. 

The starting questions must be: what will help our people to better engage or, remain engaged with business success? What will help them do their jobs better? What will help our managers?

My guess is that amongst the answers you will find more self-review, more 360 degree feedback, more coaching and mentoring and, perhaps above all, clearer performance standards and expectations. 

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