Word on the block is that coaches and mentors are finding a high demand for their services in this post pandemic period. It would not be at all surprising if this were the case, as managers are having to face shifting business priorities, along with changes in attitudes from their team members, all of which require different management capabilities. Coaching and mentoring are proven to be effective learning methods in such circumstances.

In discussing this with our colleagues at EduGrowth, we felt it would be helpful to have some specific evidence of how businesses are planning to use coaching and mentoring in this post-pandemic period, making comparisons with how coaching and mentoring were used during the pandemic, and the benefits gained.

Together with EduGrowth, we have developed a survey which aims to identify the uses and benefits of coaching and mentoring over the past two years and make some projections as to how businesses plan to use coaching and mentoring going forward. This will help us know if and how coaching and mentoring have changed, as well as understand how to get the best value from them.

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All responses will be treated confidentially, and results will be reported anonymously and in aggregate. All survey respondents will receive a copy of the report setting out findings and drawing conclusions. Respondents will also be entered into a draw to receive £30 of Amazon vouchers.

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