The Change Curve model, generally attributed to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross has long been a useful management model and is of special relevance now as we adjust to the new reality of homeworking and social distancing.

The first stage of the curve is ‘denial.’ We have all seen the news reports of crowded trains as people try to carry on as normal.

Then, when reality hits, it can be hard emotionally and practically. How to remain focused and motivated? My email box is full of people with offers of helping to “… accelerate a positive path forward by taking control of our brains, caring deeply for those around us” etc.

As people start to say goodbye to the old and forge new ways of working, and of collaborating, this is the time for firm leadership that gives clarity, direction, and clear purpose.  I am constantly hearing people say: ‘I will keep doing this until they tell me I can’t.’  In difficult times such as these leaders need to be very present using all media at their disposal, maintaining high levels of communication with people individually and collectively, and skilfully switching their leadership styles through the range from directive to non-directive to suit the interlocutor and the situation.

At Scala, we are setting up a cohort on our online course ‘Develop your coaching style of management.’  This programme is full of tips and exercises to help you develop your leadership style and deal with the interpersonal issues that you currently face. You follow it in your own time and at your own pace. You can work through on your own, with colleagues, or by joining our virtual discussion groups and webinars. We need to make a small charge of £125 per person, plus VAT to cover our costs but will include personalised one-to-one virtual coaching sessions to support your learning.

Janice Caplan

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