Over this period of lockdown, we have received many requests for help from people keen to tap into our experience of virtual working.

We at Scala have been a virtual team since we established our business. Moreover, we work as a virtual team with our partners across Europe in the ACE Network, in the US with Pinsight, and in Latin America with Latam Business School. Many of our clients have operated virtual teams, sometimes with local teams, but often extending globally.

So, we have put all this experience, together with continuing analysis of the research in the field, and our current client work, to give advice on getting the best from a virtual work team, or a mixed virtual and office-based team.

As we mentioned in last week’s newsletter, it is clear that as lockdown eases yet more adaptation is going to be required from us all, especially team and business leaders.

To help you, we have put together five questions aimed at finding out what has worked for you and your teams and what hasn’t, and in particular to find out what key challenge you face now and would like us to address for you through our newsletter and also in our courses. We are collecting this data anonymously and no answers are attributable.

Please take five minutes to respond to these questions:

Quick Lockdown Survey

To sign up for our self-study course on Leading Virtual Teams, at £75 plus VAT, please  contact me.

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