Peter Cheese, the CEO of CIPD has written 1 to UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, asking for more flexibility for furloughed staff to allow short-term working whilst on furlough.

I was delighted this morning to hear of CIPD’s action and hope the Chancellor of the Exchequer pays attention. Furloughing employees is a new concept for the UK. We are all feeling our way with it and it requires sensitivity. 

Reactions to furlough have been vastly different. For some it is helpful to look after the children, for others time for learning new skills, but many have received it negatively. Some adapting to different needs is required, but the universal imperative is to ensure furloughed employees feel valued, treasured and included, especially socially.

This may seem obvious but experience shows it requires continued conscious effort for ‘out of sight out of mind’ not to become a reality. 

When we eventually ease out of lockdown, we need our people to create and innovate to find new ways of solving our problems. You cannot do this if you are in a negative place. Moreover, often the best creativity comes when we are taken out of our day-to-day. Your furloughed employees could well be your best talent for the future.

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