The Great Resignation wins the top slot of most repeated headline of the moment. This headline is often accompanied by statistics showing skills shortages and recruitment difficulties, all of which translates into people having to cover for vacant positions, adapt to new colleagues, and especially to new managers. As one way of making up for skills shortages is to promote from within, there are likely to be many having to step up either to their first people management role, or to a higher rung. These are always difficult steps to take, especially if you stay within the same organisation, but social media makes it just as problematic if you are moving firm. In both cases, your reputation precedes you and people will put their own spin (and own anxieties) on the impression they have of you.

How do you navigate these difficulties?

1. Imagine how they might see you

Reflect on the feedback you have received recently; include throw away comments. Look yourself up on social media. Find out how your appointment has been announced and what your boss might be saying about you, your role, and your purpose.

2. Identify others’ motivations

Now you are aware of what people may be thinking about you, look up each of your team members and find out as much about them ‘on paper’ as you can. Avoid discussing them with others so you do not get pre-conceived ideas. We have a great ‘motivations’ exercise in our coaching course or, email me for some tips. Reflect on ‘what might your co-workers be worried about? What hopes might they have?”

3. Identify your personal brand and how to shape it

Armed with insight about how you are likely to be viewed, decide if your reputation is likely to help or hinder you. Reflect also on whether the perceptions of others match your own. Then reflect on whether to leverage your reputation or, seek to reshape it. Keep in mind that your early actions and early conversations will have huge and long-lasting impacts. People are likely to make judgements about you based on things that confirm their prior beliefs, so your words and actions must send the right messages from the outset.

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