Last week, we looked at some of the preparation you need to do before starting your new management role to help you get started in the right way. Here are the next three steps:

1. What is your vision?

Most people find this a difficult question to answer (we have a great exercise to help you) but it needn’t be. For example, if you are engaged to turnaround a business or team, then something simple like ‘be the best you can be,’ for a team that is constantly being criticised can give a powerful lift to the spirits or, ‘be recognised in the firm for our customer service,’ can send an important message about your ambition for the team without having to refer to its current poor reputation in that respect.

2. What are your values?

Be clear about what is important to you so that you set the standard and role-model it; for example, ‘I believe we grow through feedback, especially positive feedback and recognition about what we do well.’ Or, ‘we must always deliver to time and to budget.’ Or, ‘I believe in supporting your development and we will build learning into all we do.’

3. Be authentic

Right at the outset, call a team meeting, and also set up individual meetings. Prepare your words carefully, putting across your vision and your values. It is more important at this early stage that your people get to know you, than get to know what you will do. Nonetheless, be authentic. Recognise problems that exist. Talk about what you have been hired to do. Set out your first steps in coming to grips with the role and getting to know each of your team members.

4. Identify motivations

In your first one-to-ones make a point of find out the motivations and aspirations of each person (refer to step 2 in last week’s newsletter).

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