What the boss pays attention to is what gets done

Looking back to even a decade ago, many leadership assessment centres relied heavily on consultants and their expertise, and were constricted by brick and mortar administration, done in person and lasted at least one day – that’s how the “day-in-the-life” form of integrated exercises came to be.

Now we’re seeing a new trend in the market. With technology making leadership assessments more convenient and cost-effective, there is a new push to deliver an even shorter version to a larger number of employees.

We can now offer a robust yet fast simulation, down to just one hour. It consists of one live role-play and a couple of smaller written exercises (e.g., mini case study and in-basket). In pre-work, participants complete basic psychometrics like a personality and learning agility measures, which are later combined with expert assessor ratings from the one-hour simulation to generate a full development report within 24 hours of the participant experience.

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Janice Caplan