Our first cohort of 150 people is about to finish our Leading Virtual Teams course. It has been extremely interesting to understand how people work through the course and engage with it. One of the most striking things is just how active people have been with the case studies.

The course comprises a rich mix of different activities. Some are reflective exercises that remain personal to the individual and until we do a more thorough research, it is difficult to know how engaged people have been with these. However, we can compare across the optional exercises that people can choose to submit. The case studies have not just generated the largest response and the most activity, they have also led to some fantastic and original ideas and new thinking.

So, in time honoured fashion, the case study method of teaching prevails. It seems clear that when you take people out of their day-to-day, encourage them to consider familiar and common issues in a different context, this triggers fresh perspectives and high-quality thinking.

Of course, the quality of the case studies must count for something, but then I would say that wouldn’t I!

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