Leaders face tough challenges: the tide of resignations coupled with skills shortages: pent-up emotions from the pandemic experience: the uncertainty ahead: feeling your way through new hybrid working models. These demand a focus on retaining people by offering them an outstanding employee experience to suit their individual needs and motivations.

The employee experience you offer must change because the pandemic has changed our world experience and, therefore, our motivations. Enforced working from home has taught people that the core of their job can be done in a way that suits them. The employee experience has, thus, become about individuality in the workplace.

1. Motivation and wellbeing

Spend time listening to each person to understand their current needs and motivations so you can do what you can to meet these. When you can’t, explain why this is. There is nothing worse than feeling what you have said has gone into a black hole.

2. Trust

It is clear people want flexibility and control over what work they do, when and where. This requires high trust between manager and team members and across teams. Don’t take this for granted right now. As so much has changed, make a conscious effort to keep trust levels high.

3. Growth

During the pandemic, work stalled for many, left others feeling emotionally challenged, and gave others space to realise they were dissatisfied. Offering people outstanding growth opportunities can solve much here and help stem the tide of resignations, as well as re-engage and re-invigorate. Plus, it might be a way of solving the skills shortages.

4. Competencies and values

For sure, these need an overhaul to suit our times. Be careful to recruit to the new competencies and values that your organisation should now embrace and use these for internal growth and development also.

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