As pandemic restrictions are lifted, this is the ideal time to reflect on the new capabilities that you have acquired or, those that you have honed, during these past two years.

We have all had differing experiences of the pandemic, both good and bad, but the common link is that it has been different from before, and in dealing with such different circumstances, we have developed new skills, discovered new strengths and, perhaps, overcome weaknesses.

Take a moment to identify the new skills you have developed and to feel proud of yourself for having done so:

  • When you think about your experiences over the past two years, what skills have you used the most?
  • What new skills have you developed?
  • What skills have made the biggest difference to the results you achieve?
  • What skills have made the biggest difference to your wellbeing?
  • When you think about your new skills, what has surprised you about yourself?
  • What do you feel especially pleased about?
  • As we go into 2022, how can you leverage your skills to improve or maintain your own wellbeing?
  • How can you leverage your new skills to improve your results at work?

Carolyn and I, along with the Scala team, wish you all a very happy festive season and an excellent New Year.

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