I write this from Italy, where I arrived a couple of days after Italy’s Euro Cup final win and Berrettini became the first Italian to make the Wimbledon final. As I am in obligatory five day quarantine, I haven’t had much opportunity for face-to-face conversations but lots of time to read and listen to all sorts of commentaries. Three things have struck me. I emphasise that these are my impressions and I apologise if anyone thinks I have misconstrued. Put it this way: I think these are some important reflections for us to apply in business and personally too.

1. Much has been made of the fact that the Italian national team is just that: a team. There are no superstars, and they pull together as a team. 

2. With 7,500 Italian supporters in the Wembley stadium against more than 50,000 for England, they were prepared and trained to deal with aggression and adversity. Perhaps that was the tenor of the conversations in the half-time huddle, after which the Italian team played better than before. 

3. Italy won by a whisker. Just one penalty goal save. In the many interviews I have heard, opinion of course acknowledges this but adds that Italy nonetheless deserved to win because their overall performance in the final and the whole tournament was so strong. The cynics might say that this is just the right thing to say. However, looking at whole performance over time and not judging on the last result is how we develop and succeed and how managers must assess talent. 

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