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Many of us are working long hours in front of the computer. The notion of making time for development would have us running for the hills, if only we could leave home.

However we neglect development at our peril. Our globally connected, technological world demands we keep learning. Learning is forward looking and offers things to look forward to. This notion gives purpose and lifts the spirits.

We have periods ahead when we will be required to make big changes to how we live and work. Emphasising development is a clear win-win. Stimulate and motivate – vital to find creative solutions and future focus, vital to create the new business models needed to survive and thrive.

So what development and why?

Now is the time to curate an online learning resource centre. Identify business challenges, look at key competencies for achieving these, and source online learning solutions either bespoke or off-the-shelf. Include solutions which raise self-awareness of the impact people on others.

Supportive learning solutions such as manager or peer coaching or internal mentoring or external coaching are beneficial to provide structured, purposeful quality time together. Encourage this as much as possible.

The recent trend has been to personalise learning. Perhaps this is now a time to return to an organisational approach. For example, identify organisational needs and set up virtual learning around these. This could be resourced internally or externally, on a range of topics or just one. You could form a network with other businesses to spread the cost. Such an initiative in Mexico saw several HR departments join up with a business school for a learning day on compensation and benefits. The next will be on talent management. Both topics that will require adjustment.

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