CIPD’s recent Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey 2020 found that organisations are using more diverse and wider attraction strategies. This is good news, suggesting they are casting the net wider when looking for new people and are putting effort into a great candidate experience.

The brand experience at the time of recruitment must, of course, match the reality, but living up to the employer brand is especially hard right now. Even with optimism ahead, many businesses are planning remote working well into 2021. We must, therefore, keep working to overcome the problems of remote working: building trust, creating a unifying culture, avoiding people becoming alienated and disconnected.

To simplify this daunting task, focus on these three areas:

1. Team identity

Research shows that people identify more with their immediate team than the whole company. Connect people within teams as much as possible. Just a few minutes a day for a quick team update, or an informal social event once a week – during working hours.

2. Short-term goals

Especially given the uncertainty of the next few months, short-term goals are important. Include in these something developmental and something innovative. Emphasise and re-emphasise team goals so people are clear how they connect to the team. Encourage people to network outside of the firm so they get new ideas and perspectives to bring to the table. Give regular feedback and recognition.

3. Put extra effort into relationships

This is a time when managers, and also HR professionals, need to increase their efforts in maintaining relationships with their people. Evidence is that, whereas previously people might have not expected interest in their personal lives, they now appreciate this. Just a few questions to check on wellbeing and how you can help someone not only strengthens relationships but improves overall wellbeing – provided you act on the responses.

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