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HR Practitioners

HR Practitioners

Inclusive Talent Management – Get Started: Create Winning Talent Strategies: Modernise Performance Management

The approach to talent management that we promote in these courses is that in the lean, fast-moving organizations of the 21st century everyone matters to business success. In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing uncertainty around it, this notion is even more crucial. We must harness people’s efforts to keep our businesses going, channel their creativity to find new ways of working and new ways of solving problems, and we need people to be developing the skills that will get us through this crisis and back to economic prosperity.

As HR leaders and managers, we must create empowering environments that promote diversity and inclusion, along with health and wellbeing. We must also offer outstanding development that

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Course Content & Outcomes

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the courses, you will have raised your understanding and drawn up action plans to:

  1. Recruit and retain highly motivated hybrid workers who are engaged with business success
  2. Prepare and communicate a talent management philosophy that values everyone
  3. Create empowering environments that promote diversity and inclusion, along with health and wellbeing
  4. Create performance management processes that are useful and practical and achieve a high-performance culture
  5. Devise dynamic succession planning and outstanding career development


Course content

All the courses in the New World Talent Suite of Practical Management Skills are designed to be self-managed. As such, they make a perfect addition to your firm’s learning resource library. However, they can also be adapted for group work or combined with coaching or classroom sessions.

The courses in this suite include:

Inclusive Talent Management – Get Started

Create Winning Talent Strategies

Modernise Performance Management


Who will teach you?

Janice Caplan, MA, Hon MBA | HR consultant, author, coach-mentor, University governor and HR committee chair, former CIPD Vice-President, guest lecturer



Each course has a dual purpose: one is to provide a step-by-step toolkit to revising practices within the organisation; the other is to give delegates a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • A rich mix of content media including text and video
    This provides a highly interactive engagement experience, enabling you to choose learning options that best suit your preferences
  • Real-life case studies and scenarios
    These are a key feature of the course, bringing all issues to life, generating discussion, and helping develop new perspectives. Although they are optional, working through significantly enhances understanding
  • Skills-based activities
    These guide you through immediate application at work, enabling you to implement learning as you go
  • Discussion forum
    Here you can share thoughts and ideas with and seek help from other delegates.


Who is this course suitable for?

HR practitioners who recognise that the changing business context requires a fresh look at current practices. COOs, CEOs and entrepreneurs who wish to introduce or revise their people processes.

The course can be adapted for group work and combined with classroom sessions.



Each courses requires approximately 12 hours of online study, plus time to implement ideas at the workplace.


Customised versions

The course material can be purchased outright to add to your own material and teaching.

We can customise the course to your purposes.

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